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Separation Agreements in Charlotte

In North Carolina, you cannot get a divorce without following certain legal procedures. In fact, you must be legally separated for a full year before filing for divorce. Allow our experienced legal team to help you complete a separation agreement between you and your partner. By legally separating, you are able to prepare for your upcoming divorce and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Avoid the long litigation process and legal fees of a contested divorce. By entering a separation agreement, you and your partner can achieve an amicable resolution and divide personal properties in advance. Moreover, you can deal with child custody and alimony issues in a less stressful fashion. Other issues that may be addressed during separation agreements include:

Distribution of Assets
Allocation of Debts
Child Support
Child Tax Exemptions
Child Visitation
College Expenses

Experienced Separation Agreement Attorney

The best way to avoid conflicts and resolve disputes is to use an experienced separation agreement attorney. Even though you are permitted to deal with your marital issues without an attorney, it is usually in your best interest to discuss everything with a legal expert. Allow us to identify your wants and needs, as well as work with you and your spouse to create an equitable separation agreement.

We take into consideration your family resources, income, expenses, and other important factors. Most importantly, we take the time to answer your questions and navigate you through this complex area of law. You can depend on our skilled separation agreement attorney and one of our paralegals to achieve the results you want.

Alimony Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Separation Agreement Lawyer Offering Flexible Retainers

Divorce is difficult – emotionally and financially. We don’t want to be an extra burden on you. By offering flexible retainers, our separation agreement lawyer is able to spread your legal fees out over a length of time.

This makes our legal services much more affordable for you, and we keep your interests at heart. Our goal is to achieve resolutions allowing for healing, whether it is through litigation or mediation.

About a Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is not mandatory. However, it is usually a good idea if you are planning to get divorced. In addition, it is not a court order. So, a judge does not force your spouse to adhere to the terms of the agreement. In order to ensure compliance, you can sue your spouse if there is a breach of contract. If for some reason this occurs, our separation agreement lawyer also helps you throughout the process.

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