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Naturalization Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Become a citizen in the land of the free with help from our naturalization lawyer in Charlotte, NC. At Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, we help you achieve the right to live freely and enjoy a prosperous and happy life. Having more than 25 years of combined experience in immigration law, our attorneys can help you become a full citizen of the United States. Once you become a citizen, you are entitled to protection and all the privileges of our country. Just like a person born in the United States, you will enjoy freedom and protection under the law. Let our naturalization attorney advise you, prepare your application, and guide you through every step of the naturalization process. We'll also accompany you to your interview with USCIS.

Requirements for Naturalization

It's not easy to become a citizen of the United States. In fact, the process takes years. At the same time, permanent residency does automatically make you a citizen. The entire process is very complex. Don't take any chances, but depend on our naturalization lawyer to help you navigate through the system. A few of the requirements that U.S. immigration law takes into account include:

Naturalization Lawyer Charlotte, NC
 Proper Filing
 Residence & Physical Presence
 Oath of Allegiance
 Adherence to the Constitution
 Moral Character
 Knowledge of U.S. Government

United States Citizenship Law Firm

Achieve your life-long goal to become a U.S. citizen. Even though our country encourages immigration, becoming a U.S. citizen requires determination and the ability to follow important procedures. At our citizenship law firm, we understand that is difficult for foreign-born persons to complete the process on their own. We'll help you through everything and explain all the details so the process can go smoothly. There are a number of ways that you can become an American citizen:

 Born in the U.S. or Territory
 Parents Are U.S. Citizens
 Adoption by Parents
   Who Are U.S. Citizens
 Born to American Citizens
    but Residing Outside the US

Experienced Citizenship Attorney

You can't afford to make mistakes when applying for American citizenship. Even small errors cause costly delays and even the threat of deportation in some cases. Our citizenship attorney is experienced, detailed, and determined. He ensures that everything is filed correctly and you meet the requirements to become an American citizen.

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