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Equitable Distribution Attorney in Charlotte

Not all is equal in marriage or in divorce. When you need assistance in dividing property with your ex-spouse, depend on our equitable distribution attorney. Our lawyers and paralegals help you resolve all issues related to property distributions. Make things easier on yourself by relying on our legal team for assistance.

If you are getting a divorce, more than likely, your spouse has retained or is planning to retain a lawyer. Don’t face this painful life event on your own. Our equitable distribution attorney fights for your rights, ensures you receive the property you deserve, and protects your future.

Seasoned Equitable Distribution Attorney

Trust a seasoned lawyer that has handled property distribution cases for years. We resolve issues involving assets, debt, and property ownership, so schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled attorneys today. By fairly distributing your property, we protect your money, future, and interests.

Both of our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in the legal field. Their aim is to give you extra peace of mind when you’re going through a divorce. By resolving your case fairly and as quickly as possible, we ensure that you can move forward and enjoy this next chapter in your life.

Alimony Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Providing Personalized Legal Services

All proceedings that involve the family are personal and sensitive issues. You need a lawyer that is both assertive and understanding. At our law firm, we care about our clients, and we are also zealous legal advocates for them. Most importantly, we are very familiar with this legal specialty and proficient at assisting our clients in navigating the complex legal waters. 

Protect your future with expert legal help from our equitable distribution attorney. In addition to providing dependable legal assistance, we want our services to be affordable for our clients. We assign a legal team that works closely with you throughout the entire case. Our law firm also offers flexible retainer options as well as special discounts for:


Military Personnel
Teachers Nurses

Equitable Property Distributions

You need an attorney that provides a legal service that is second to none. When you are negotiating property distributions during a divorce, it’s critical that you depend on a lawyer who knows the legal system inside and out. Additionally, he or she must excel at dealing with conflict and resolving disputes in an equitable manner.

When it comes to equitable distributions, it is hard to anticipate the actual outcome. That’s because there are so many factors that the courts take into consideration. In fact, property distributions can be quite subjective. Let us represent you and state your case in a persuasive manner, as have achieved favorable outcomes for many clients throughout the years.

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