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Divorce Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Making the decision to get a divorce is not an easy one. Fortunately, you do not have to face the struggle on your own. Our divorce lawyer in Charlotte, NC, is here to answer your questions and provide guidance. At Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, we consider all factors, defend your rights, and ensure you are well represented in all areas.

A Divorce Lawyer That Cares

One of the last things you need when you are going through a divorce is a lawyer who is unskilled and insensitive to your needs. Our lawyers, paralegals, and staff take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and personalize our services to meet your needs. Whether your divorce is amicable or contested, you need a divorce lawyer that represents your best interests.

Affordable Divorce Lawyer Offering Flexible Retainers

Going through a divorce is difficult enough, but having to pay expensive legal fees makes it even harder. Our lawyer not only provides upfront communication with you, but he offers flexible retainers that cater to your budget. As an affordable divorce lawyer, we strive to make the process easier for you - both personally and financially. You never planned for a divorce. It is a difficult time for any couple. Allow us to handle the details, address your legal needs, and ensure you do not need worry about your finances. You'll find that we are very competent and kind lawyers that are also affordable.

What Is a Contested Divorce?

Most of the time, there really is no such a thing as an amicable divorce. Unfortunately, a contested divorce brings out the worse in people and it is very stressful. Allow us to be your advocate during this time. When there are disputes over property, child support, and other issues, we step in to be a legal mediator or arbitrator when necessary. As divorce law specialists, we guide you throughout the entire process. If circumstances change, we'll provide expert legal guidance that gives you peace of mind. Since how you handle your divorce impacts your future, depend on us to ensure everything is handled properly - both in court and out of court.

Divorce Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Uncontested Divorce Legal Services

There are times when a couple has an "amicable" divorce - called uncontested divorce. It means that there are no disputed areas surrounding the divorce. In that case, you still need a lawyer to draw up the papers and navigate the legal system for you.

As a compassionate and knowledgeable legal team, we understand the impact that divorce has on a family. It's our job to protect you and guide you through each step of the process even if the divorce is uncontested.

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