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Child Support Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

You're in a difficult situation. Your spouse is failing to pay child support for your child. On the other hand, maybe you are the one who needs to pay, but the amount is too much for you to bear at this time. If you encounter any of these problems, our child support lawyer in Charlotte, NC, can help. We make sure your child gets the financial aid he or she needs.

At the law office of Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, we are skilled at ensuring you receive the reasonable share of the cost from your spouse. We also specialize in arranging modifications for child support, as well as enforcements based on child support laws. Since child support calculations are determined by a number of factors, it's important to consult our legal team to effectively handle your case.

Skilled & Compassionate Child Support Attorney

In North Carolina, the amount of child support is based on the parents' gross monthly income. Using other factors, we calculate the amount owed by each parent. A primary determining factor in establishing the child support amount is the number of nights a child stays with each parent.

Make the best choice for your child by coming to our caring and skilled child support attorney. We sit down with you and provide one-on-one attention to your needs. You will not deal with a receptionist but directly with one of our lawyers. Our goal is that you receive only the best legal services that address your specific needs.

Child Support Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Modification of Child Support Order

Things happen and times change. It's common for parents to modify their child support throughout the years. However, it's important that it is done the correct way. Allow our experienced lawyers to provide a modification of child support order. We'll assist you in drawing up a new contract that is agreeable for you and your ex-spouse. We strive to protect your interests and those of your child.

Child Support Income Guidelines & More

When it comes to providing financial support for a child, the noncustodial parent (the one who does not have custody of the child) is generally the paying parent. The amount of the payment is determined based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are followed unless they are unfair for one parent. Keep in mind, child support is no longer required after the child reaches the age of 18.

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