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Child Custody Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Divorce is always a hard decision and a painful process. It makes it even harder when there are children involved. Whether you are trying to get custody of your child or you and your spouse are retaining custodial rights, our Child Custody Lawyer in Charlotte, NC, can help you navigate the legal process.

Under the law, both parents have equal rights to their child unless there is a court order to the contrary. In fact, gender alone does not automatically mean one parent is more capable than the other. Instead, there are many factors the judge considers when deciding which parent gets custody, especially with a contested child custody case. These factors include:

Child Custody Lawyer Charlotte, NC
 The Health of the Parents
 Needs & Desires of the Child
 The Safety (Emotional 
  & Physical) of the Child
 History of Domestic Violence
 Stability of the Home Environment
 The Interactions of the Child 
  with Parents & Siblings
 Parents' Employment Status
 Continuity of the Child's Education
 The Extent & Quality of the
  Parental Time Spent with Child


Knowledgeable & Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Most people are not familiar with family law. Along with the emotional stress that accompanies divorce and child custody cases, there are often hurdles that clients encounter. At Marcellino & Tyson, PLLC, we clarify the entire process for those seeking custody and/or visitation rights for their children. As caring and competent child custody lawyers, we clearly explain your rights and help you follow the steps needed to increase your chances of achieving your goals. We also offer excellent discounts, including:

 Nurse Discounts  Teacher Discounts  Military Discounts

When Do You Need Emergency Child Custody?

If your child is living in an unsafe environment, you need to take action. The legal team works with you to help you get emergency child custody quickly and efficiently. This is called an "ex parte order," which means you are granted custody of your child without having to give the other side notice of the hearing. These orders are granted primarily if there is a risk of bodily injury or sexual abuse. Trust our team of lawyers and our staff to move quickly if you believe your ex-spouse is abusing your child. We can quickly get an order to ensure the safety of your children. Emergency child custody is granted for a short period of time, a little more than a week, after which you are required to appear in court to address the alleged issues.

Determining Your Child Visitation Rights

You deserve only the best when you are parent. If you're divorced, you want to spend as much time as possible with your child. Let us work with you to determine your child visitation schedule. We help maximize the time you have with your children and ensure your interests are fully represented.

Contact us to discuss your needs if you are in a child custody battle with your spouse.
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